Ace Electric Company is a family owned electrical contractor based in Henrico, Virginia for over 50 years.  We have a rich history of serving large and small customers in our area with distinction and are here for the long term.  In our time serving the Richmond area, we have been privileged to watch our communities grow as we service their needs year after year.  We now serve 2nd and 3rd generation customers who we know like family, and when you learn to treat others like family, you treat all of your customers like family.  We can say with confidence that Ace Electric Company will ALWAYS be here to support your electrical needs.

Over the years we have gathered a diverse group of employees from all over the country and sometimes beyond.  Some of our first employees are still working for us.  That kind of knowledge is priceless when we can use it to help you on your home.  You may have a home that is over one hundred years old.  We may have the electrician who has been working on that home for the last forty years.  Longevity is our watchword.  We will be here in the years ahead.

With Ace Electric Company, we don’t just talk about taking care of you and your project, we have the history to prove that no matter what you want to accomplish, we can walk through it with you and see your dreams realized.

Meet the Team

Our management team is the best in the state!

Kerry Edwards : President

Kerry Edwards


Kerry Edwards is our President. He brings with him over thirty years of commercial electrical expertise.  Mr. Edwards leads our Commercial division as he maintains pinpoint accuracy for all of our commercial jobs.  His experience encompasses primary project management, estimation, design-build projects, as well as numerous design element integrations which ensure that each project is made to the customer’s exact specifications.

Bert Dudley : Chief Estimator

Bert Dudley

Chief Estimator

Bert Dudley is our chief estimator.  He has been working in the electrical trade for over 40 years and estimating for over 30.  With his immense knowledge base, accuracy and skill, he ensures that every project we bid is a project we are ready to bring to life.

Adam Foege : Vice President

Adam Foege

Vice President

Adam Foege has an extensive education and knowledge background. He has worked on a myriad of jobs both large and small. He is focused on the specialty projects for residential and commercial. If there is a need for a generator, Adam can assist and analyze the project needs.